landscape & ladders





Luxury. British. Design.

Very Soft. Envelop.

Classic. Special.



Easy. Enjoy.

Alpaca. Silk. Cashmere. Wool. Slow Art.

Skill. Maths.

Other Beautiful Things in wood.



Since yarn and fibre and their untold qualities; tactile, soft, bouncy, alive etc., are what we encounter, you could say that our sensory domain is and has been moulded by material interaction. So working with yarn and fibre is a thoroughly experiential-based-experimental-domain that taps into other forms of intellect, memory, intuition, etc..

Before we can create or design, we need to investigate, communicate, attempt, discover, play, question and challenge. Mostly knit and unravel. The more of our mental ability we bring into ‘the doing’ the deeper and more enriching the experience.

I think that’s why we like to make things.