Indian Rosewood swift

Would you like to be a proud owner of one of
these wonderful hand- made mechanical


We sell all our yarn in hanks/skeins and wanted a beautiful SWIFT to make the 'creating a ball' process a pleasurable experience. We have had a swift made for us.


We love it - it is made out of sheesham wood; a warm glowing rich wood rather like the colour tones of teak.

£45  SWIFT

Swifts will only be posted to addresses in the UK, if you live somewhere else in the world please contact us.



Just to let you know that I have used my Christmas present swift to wind both 100 and 200gms skeins without a problem.

Turning the woolwinder for 718yds was a bit of a pain in the neck (literally) though .

I can't imagine having to hand wind it!!

The swift spun flawlessly wi' ne'er a hitch, mesmerising to say the least ...

Anne Peake