Denise Pigott - crochet designer



(PeekoCrochet) - Designer and Crochet teacher/work-shop leader and host of national fibre and yarn projects and events – she is extraordinary.

I learned to crochet when I was very small, about 4 years of age. My mother taught me; I was fascinated when she was crocheting and I was desperate to have a go! At first all I did was chain, then progressed onto other stitches as I got a bit older.

It wasn't until I was 25, having completed a language degree, when I realised that crochet would take over my life.  I had a career change after throwing my back out and was laid up in bed for weeks. I’ve always known that I wanted to teach, I just didn’t realise that I should teach crafts instead of languages until just over 7 years ago. I have taught almost 6,000 people to crochet, give or take a few!



I aim to let the yarn do the talking, designing patterns that play with stitches and construction in unusual ways. 



I started teaching and designing in 2008. I felt that the crochet patterns that were available didn't really suit my style and so I started to design my own. I love the creative process, being inspired by the fibre and figuring out what stitch pattern fits just right.

My favourite thing about being a craft educator is the ‘light bulb’ moment! I love it when everything clicks into place, and fingers and thumbs everywhere change into hands that know what they’re doing! I’m so proud when my crocheters achieve their first piece of crochet. I love the feeling that I am teaching people a skill that they will have for life.

I think that the best teachers are always increasing their knowledge base, no matter how well they know their field. So yes, there are things I won’t have come across in crochet, but I am developing new techniques and refining my skills, so I can design and teach more effectively.

I love designing and feel that this is where I express myself best - I would hope that my designs might inspire people to pick up their hooks! I aim to let the yarn do the talking, designing patterns that play with stitches and construction in unusual ways. 



I’m inspired by colour

and texture, so my

favourite yarns change as

often as the direction of

the wind.


I’m partial to merino wool, and anything that has a bit of silk in it, but who isn’t? I love to crochet anything that has an interesting stitch pattern.

I love crocheting, so it doesn’t really matter to me what I’m making as long as I’m crocheting and creating. Although saying that, I do love the design process. I tend to crochet as I go when designing, and this process of discovering new stitches (literally making them up!) and patterns is probably my favourite part of crochet.


Sweets and loppy-pops designed by Denise Pigott for the UKHKA inter-active crochet and knitting project.

I would hope my

designs might inspire

people to pick up

their hooks.


Over the last 7 years I have been fortunate to work on various projects – these include:

Design technician for the Crafts Council - co-curated the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef (Hayward Gallery and Royal Festival Hall, London, then on tour with the Knitting and Stitching shows).
Crochet Designer for national magazines and part works. (Inside crochet, The Art of Crochet)
Crochet Designer for international companies who specialise in making the tools for knitting and crochet. 
Craft Club Creative Educator in London for summer schools. 
Craft Club Trainer. 
Creative technician for UK Hand Knitting Association, before becoming the coordinator and project leader for community/collaborative events at shows.