Chantilly Lace




k: knit | p: purl | R: Row | st(s): stitch(es)
RS / WS: right-side / wrong-side
stocking st: k one row, p next row
yo: yarn over, starting at front of work pass yarn over needle to back. If st before the yo was a knit st, first bring yarn to front underneath needle. When you reach this yo on the next round k it as directed.  This should create a hole.
yox2: as above but wrap yarn around needle twice to create 2 loops. On the next row work both the loops as individual sts. This should create a large hole.
kyo, pyo: k first yo/loop, p second yo/loop, make sure the second loop do not slip off needle when working second yo/loop. This should create two sts with a larger hole directly underneath.
k2tog/k3tog: k2/k3 sts together as one