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k: knit |  p: purl | Rnd: round
st(s): stitch(es)  | PU: pick-up    
RS/WS: right-side facing/wrong-side facing
pm/slm: place marker/slip marker
yo: yarn over, starting at front of work pass yarn over needle to back. When you reach a yo on next row, k as directed.  This should create a hole.
kfb/pfb: k or p into the front and back of st
k2tog/p2tog: k/p 2sts together as one st
W4: wrap yarn 4 times around needle.
k1 W4: k one st in the usual way then wrap yarn 4 times around needle. On rows following wrapping: k only the st, then allow loops to drop. There should be 60sts at the end of each row.

TENSION/GAUGE:  20sts to 10cm over stocking st on 4mm needles

FINISHED SIZE:  120cm wide, 90cm long

PATTERN NOTES - important
Cast-on and off loosely, using a larger needle if required. This stitch pattern lengthens after it is knitted.