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LARGE RESIN and RESIN and METAL shawl-pin

With a wooden shawl-pin stick

NB: sold out of decorative resin and metal sticks

The beautiful shawl-pins designed by Belinda and made by 5 artisan makers in India.




MEASUREMENTS: each circle in 9.5cm in diameter, 5mm thick, the shawl pin stick is 13cm long and 4mm at the widest point. Each shawl-pin comes wrapped up safely in its own little organza bag.




Belinda's Irish grandfather (a band-leader) travelled to India to work for the East India Company. Belinda's father (sadly he died in 2010) was a Captain in the Indian Army in WWII (and later Acting Major), he met and married Belinda's mother in India. Belinda's mother calls herself a ‘child of the Raj’.

Belinda, her sister, niece and mother went to Kolkata last year - they stayed in the Oberoi Grand Hotel (Belinda's mother sang in this hotel in the 1940s). Belinda's relatives took her to visit the artisan makers – extraordinarily talented crafts people. The hubbub of this making area was incredible. They watched delicate kites being made and huge effigies (Kali and Ganesh) being carved out of wood and carved in plaster, the most delicate painted clay vases which had been turned, not on wheels but on round stones – turned fast by the maker’s feet as they crouch down low.

We were thrilled to find an amazing company making wooden artefacts in Northern India.  We spoke to them about developing our unique designs and this is what you see here.

We are grateful to these skilled makers for their kindness. Their company is based in the principles of fair trade.

WHITE shawl-pin - Large wooden stick with decrotive black resin and metal end

Made in India exclusively for Belinda Harris-Reid

WHITE shawl-pin

BLACK shawl-pin

COPPER FLARE shawl-pin

CHESTNUT shawl-pin