Being Belinda: crochet design by Mandy Challis

Stimulating, challenging, relaxing, worthwhile… Crochet was all these things.

In April 2015, I spent an afternoon with You Tube, and set about teaching myself to crochet. As many people do, I started with the Granny Square, but soon got bored so quickly progressed to more challenging projects with a variety of shapes and stitches to work on.

Stimulating, challenging, relaxing, worthwhile… Crochet was all these things. Within a year, I was starting to create my own designs using techniques that I had picked up along the way. I love making things for friends, occasionally I like to make something for myself, but I see crochet itself as being so totally self-indulgent, I don’t like to be too greedy!

I have enjoyed the start of this new challenge. Here are some tips:

Swatch-buckling - Belinda’s yarns are too good to crochet, frog, crochet, frog… Make a swatch of the main pattern with anything from your yarn stash first.

Weigh the Wool - I never would have thought that digital kitchen scales would feature so regularly. It’s a great way to gauge how much yarn you have left in comparison to the desired length of the finished garment.

Count, Count, Count - Do your sums carefully. How many chains do you need to start the first row of the pattern? How many stitches do you need if you want to accommodate a change in pattern midst garment? 32 years since I left school, and I finally have use for algebra.

So why Being Belinda? I can’t take all the credit; the patterns and shapes I have been using in this range are all inspired by Belinda’s knitted designs. Some with a little poetic license but the inspiration starts here.


Click on the image to take you to the specific design page where you will find more information.




YARN: 1 x Light Moonshine (DK)
or 1 x any BHR DK yarn


BHR design: THE LADY




YARN: 2 x Light Moonshine (DK)
or 1 x Warm Moonshine (4ply) pictured









































YARN: 2 x Warm Moonshine (4ply - 1 in undyed and 1 in natural grey) + 1 x Warm Cobblestone (4ply)
or 3 x any BHR 4ply


BHR design: JAZZ




YARN: 4 x Light Moonshine (DK)
or 4 x any BHR DK