all those squares




k:  knit  | p: purl | st(s): stitch(es) | PU: pick-up  | R: row | Rnd: round
RS/WS: right/wrong side facing
pm/slm: place marker / slip marker
k2tog/k3tog/k4tog: k next 2sts/3sts/4sts as one
C4F: cable to front, slip next 2sts onto CN, hold in front of work, k2, then k2 from CN
yo: yarn over, starting at front of work pass yarn over needle to back. If st before yo was a k st, bring yarn to front underneath needle. If st after yo is a p, then bring yarn forward under needle. When you reach this yo on next row, k or p it as directed. This should create a hole.
Cable Repeat (SQUARE 4): sl2sts on to CN, hold to back of work, k1 from LH needle, then k2 from CN, k1 from LH needle, sl one st on to CN, hold to front of work, k2 from LH needle then k1 from CN, p2

Use stitch markers throughout - every 20sts